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Law Street with Jonna Spilbor... and Anthony Cillis

By Jonna Spilbor Law

Every Tuesday morning Jonna and Anthony join the FoxRadio broadcast team to bring you “Law Street: The Law at Street Level,” – easy to understand legal information with no BS! You’ll have the opportunity to call in with your legal questions and get real no-nonsense legal advice. “Law Street with Jonna Spilbor and Anthony Cillis” can be heard every Tuesday morning from 7am to 8am on Fox 103.1 WJGK, taking calls at 866-887-4FOX (4369) and from 8am to 9am on the Fox Oldies Morning Show 98.9 WGNY, taking calls at 845-561-WGNY (9469). Need more help? Email anytime at lawstreet@jonnaspilborlaw.com.