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Jesse Weber & Jonna Spilbor & Judge Ashley Willcott Discuss the Christopher Vasata Trial

Legal Analyst Jonna Spilbor Discusses Objections During Closing Arguments #LindsayPartinTrial

Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Caller News Foundation, Christopher Bedford, appeared on "Fox and Friends" Monday and discussed the lack of media coverage on the FBI investigation into Sen. Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane for bank fraud and abuse of power.

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A good relationship succeeds because of compromise: each person gives generously to the other person and enjoys the same in return. Self-less generosity is the cornerstone of many long-lasting, loving relationships. Just ask anyone who has been in a relationship for years (or even decades).

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By Mary Forsell and Dale McKnight Dual purpose: Spilbor is making waves in two different careers Photograph by Ken Gabrielsen You could call it a meteoric rise. Over the last 13 years, attorney Jonna Spilbor has appeared - with increasing frequency - on national news networks like Fox News and MSNBC, commenting on high-profile legal issues as varied as the Boston Marathon bomber trial and the Bill Cosby debacle.

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Jane O'Meara Sanders could be under investigation for committing loan fraud when she was the president of Burlington College in Vermont. Catholic parishioners are reportedly requesting a federal probe into the matter. Parishioners believe Bernie Sanders' wife committed fraud by allegedly exaggerating the amount of money the college could raise in order to secure millions for a land deal, according to Fox News.

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Surely I'm dating myself with what I am about to say but, when I was Jamie Lynn Spears's age, I don't recall any of my classmates proudly toting an infant around as if it were the latest designer accessory.

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The plaintiff is Andrea Mackris, a 33-year-old journalist who, beginning in 2000, worked as a booker, and then a producer, for "The O'Reilly Factor." On October 13, Mackris's attorneys filed suit against O'Reilly in New York County Supreme Court. Then, six days later, they amended the complaint to include additional claims against O'Reilly and his employers.

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Jury selection is in the sexual assault case pending against NBA superstar Kobe Bryant is slated to begin on August 27. Given the time pressure, you might think prosecutors would be busy lassoing last minute witnesses, marshaling their evidence, and generally making final preparations in such a high profile, high stakes case.

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On a quaint village street in New York, a million miles from Modesto, sits my favorite independent bookseller.

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The issue may soon be decided by a state appellate court. Critics of the policy accuse the State Police, who wrote more than one million traffic tickets last year, of trying to save on overtime by decreasing troopers' court appearances, of interfering with the judiciary and of placing an unnecessary financial burden on small towns.

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