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A misconception about Drunk Driving

By Jonna Spilbor Law

I’m Attorney Jonna Spilbor with the straight dirt on driving while intoxicated. One misconception about drunk driving is that the law will look the other way if you’ve never been in trouble before. That may be true if you’re in Mayberry, but if not, listen up. One, trusting your case to some ‘family friend’ recommended by your besty’s second cousin who’s got no experience in criminal court is about as smart as hiring a plumber to pull your tooth.

Two, the field sobriety tests are not a time to dazzle a cop with your quick wit. If you’re standing on one leg and get the urge to blurt, “I can’t do this sober”, replace the word sober with, “stupid” because well, that’s what that is.

Three, there is no such thing as talking your way out of a DWI. Drunk driving is serious business and the more you cry, whine or apologize to the nice officer, the more evidence you’ll give them against you. Don’t make a bad situation worse. When you’re in cuffs, shut the fuck up.

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