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Tip: Hire the Right Lawyer

I’m attorney Jonna Spilbor with your 60 Second Legal Lowdown. Here are a few tips to ensure the lawyer you hire fits you better than your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

One, in divorce, family law, and other billable cases, select a lawyer who won’t treat your retainer as a bottomless pit. Even if you’re a direct descendant of Donald Trump, the right lawyer will focus only on the tasks necessary to get you to your goal. Remember, an attorney’s time is your money.

Two, funny thing but the law doesn’t punch out at five o’clock. Discuss in advance if your attorney will be available after hours to talk you off the ledge in the event legal emergencies arise, which leads me to…

Number three, not everything is a legal emergency. If your husband hid the TV remote or your wife cut the collars off dress shirts, it can wait. But if you’re arrested, you’ve been served, you’ve had an accident, or your ex took the kids for ice cream a month ago and hasn’t been seen since that qualifies.

I’m Attorney Jonna Spilbor. If you need me call me 24/7 at (845) 485-2529 or visit That’s J-O-N-N-A S-P-I-L-B-O-R. Remember, when you need help, the right lawyer is right here.

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